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Genshin Impact Character Guide: Venti Skills and Passive Talent

Venti is a male character who has Anemo elements. He is a bard from Mondstadt and freely wanders the city’s streets and alleys. You can obtain this by finishing the event “Ballad in Goblets. Now, Wowkia will describe skills, talent, and passive skill from this character.

Venti Skills and Passive Talent

Venti has three skills talent. Those are Divine Marksmanship for Normal Attack, Skyward Sonnet for Elemental Skill, and Wind’s Grand Ode for Elemental Burst. So, I will describe each of them below.

Divine Marksmanship

Venti Genshin Impact
Divine Markmanship | Source

This talent is divided into three parts, a normal attack, charged attack, and plunging attack. The normal attack can make up to 6 continuous shots with a bow. Then, the charged attack can make a more accurate Aimed Shot with raised damage. While aiming, pleasant winds will accumulate on the arrowhead. A fully charged arrow will deal with Anemo damage. Last, the Plunging attack can make rain shots of arrows in the middle air before falling and hitting the ground, dealing with AoE damage upon impact.

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Skyward Sonnet

Skyawrd Sonnet | Source

This one divided into two parts, press and hold. Press can call a wind area at the opponent’s position, dealing AoE Anemo damage and ejecting the opponent into the air, and Hold almost similar with Press but it can call wider wind area. The Character can ride the wind into the air. Every enemy was hit by this ability, the hold ability can make them fall to the ground.

Wind’s Grand Ode

Venti Genshin Impact
Winds Grand Ode | Source

These shots from arrows are made of many fused winds, producing a tremendous Stormeye that sucks in objects and opponents through its path, dealing consecutive Anemo Damage. If the Stormeye comes into contact with one of Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, and Electro elements, it will inflict extra elemental damage of that type.

Beside the mentioned skills talent we discussed above, Venti also has three passive skill. Those are Embrace of Winds, Stormeye and Windrider. So, now I will describe them below.

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Embrace of Winds

It will be unlocked at Ascension 1. Holding Skyward Sonnet makes an upcurrent that lasts for 20 seconds.


It gets unlocked at Ascension 4. It can restore 15 energy after the effects of Wind’s Grand Ode ends. If Elemental Absorption happened, it also recharged 15 Energy to all characters with a similar element with Venti.


This last skill is unlocked automatically, it can reduce all member’s gliding Stamina Consumption by 20%.

Well, that is an article about Venti’s skills and passive talent. Next, Wowkia will share an article that discusses another character in Genshin Impact, if you are interested in following these or if you have any opinion, please write in the comment section.