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Wonder Woman 1984 and Tenet Won’t Be Released Online

There ain’t no doubt whatsoever that among the 2020 most anticipated movies ever, Wonder Woman 1984 and Tenet are two of them. And i think i don’t have to re-explain further why these 2 are indeed so anticipated by all of us.

But unfortunately, with the current unfortunate COVID-19 circumstances, not only the release of theses 2 flick are delayed but also, at the same time, are worried to be released via online / streaming just like Trolls: World Tour and later Scoob! did.

So isn’t that case? Are we because of this DAMN Corona, going to watch Tenet and Wonder Woman 1984 via our Smartphone / PC screen instead that usual gigantic theater screen?

Will Still Be Released in Theater

Well fear not guys! Because according to WB CEO Ann Sarnoff and WarnerMedia CEO John Stankey statements with THR a couple hours ago, that they’re still committing to release both films in theaters.

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They even further said: “We remain supportive of the theatrical experience and our exhibition partners.” Stankey also added,

“Theatrical films have always been a major part of the our ecosystem. I fully expect that as we evaluate our business going forward, we will continue to champion creative work that is worthy of the theatrical experience”.

So again in other words here, when Tenet and Wonder Woman 1984 later released respectively on July 17 2020 and August 14 2020, we’re still going to watch it in our near theater. Yep that’s indeed an amazing relieve.

Just Weird to Not Watch it On the Big Screen

Again of course it is understandable if WB at first considering to follow Trolls World Tour fashion. Because again, besides with this god only knows when this COVID-19 pandemic will finally end, also like we all read a couple weeks ago, Trolls World Tour became the first highest grossing digital releases for Universal.

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So yeah, who doesn’t wanted to get that much fortune by only releasing it digitally? But again, i applaud the WB executives to still have their “movie sense”. Because this is Wonder Woman 1984 and Tenet for godsake.

They’re you could say an epic, box-office-y flicks. Plus for Tenet case, i mean do you all have watched the trailer? It is indeed will be another riddling but very visually fantastic Nolan flick. So yeah even though it is free to watch it from your PC screen, i’d rather spend Rp. 30.000 – Rp. 50.000 to watch these two.

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