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New Doom Movie in the Works with John Cena?

The Doom franchise has had some high peaks and mighty falls in its 27-year history. While Doom: Eternal was a critical and commercial success some iterations of the franchise have performed far worse.

There have been attempts to create films of the series which resulted in an ill-fated film with Dwayne Johnson and Karl Urban that failed to impress critics or fans of the franchise despite a handful of nods to the original games.

The next film Doom: Anihaliation was released last year and the game studio behind the games, Bethesda, made a conscious effort to distance themselves from the title. Somewhat surprisingly, rumors have now surfaced of a Doom reboot.

Although the Doom games never had a firm focus on plot and as a result, adaptations of the series in more narrative-based formats have always struggled. Despite this, studios are now looking at another former wrestler to act as the leading role in a film.

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John Cena in New Doom Adaptations?

Vin Deisel Seemingly Announces That John Cena Will Join Fast Furious 9 Social
John Cena |Greenscene

The studio that owns the rights to Doom, Universal, is now looking to John Cena to do what Dwayne Johnson could not; lead a successful Doom film. It will be a difficult task to embody the Doom Slayer who is a blank canvas for players to embody.

Despite the many evolutions in the Doom franchise, it will be tricky to please fans with a story from very little material. Nevertheless, there are increasingly successful film adaptations of video-games and it would be satisfying to see a film bring the energetic and gory gameplay to a visceral cinema experience.

It Could Be Successful

148867 Games Review Hands On Doom Eternal Initial Review Most Glorious Goriest Doom Yet Image2 Etheoxzbcf
Doom |GameRant

While previous Doom films have struggled to get a reaction from fans, this does not mean that a different take on the franchise will not be successful.

The recent Doom games have revitalized the series and renewed interest in the franchise, and if this continues there could be a hungry fan base for a film adaptation. Time will tell how far this production goes, and as many films have illustrated in the past, development hell can be easily found and hard to escape.

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