Dota Summit Is Back, Now Online with 3 Regional Divisions

Beyond The Summit is back with their Dota Summit! Dota Summit 13 will be one of the year’s biggest online events. The online tournament will include 3 regional divisions, America (NA & SA), Europe and CIS, and SEA. This will also be the first Valve-supported events that will be running until the end of the year.

Even though we still can’t get a big cross-regional event, this one should be good for a while. We are waiting for Valve to realize its words, to make Dota 2 great again! I’m still sad about Faceless Void losing the arcana vote though.

Participating Teams

The event starts from October 21st to November 8th. However, there are no confirmed participants yet. The details about participating teams should be out in a few days. Meanwhile, ESL One Germany Online is still ongoing until November 1st. This could prevent some of the bigger teams from joining, such as Team Secret, OG, Team Liquid and etc. (sadkek)

But do not worry, NA/SA teams and SEA teams would have some more free time. So, we would likely to see teams like BOOM Esports, TNC Predator, Evil Geniuses, beastcoast, and others participating in Dota Summit 13.

Dota Summit 13 Open Qualifiers and Prize Pool

Dota Summit 13 will have a $250,000 prize pool. Beyond The Summit founder, David “Godz” Parker, said that “Without getting into the battle pass stuff and amount discussion, I will say for the teams in NA+SA and SEA which will be competing for USD 100k prize pools, it makes a sizeable difference. When prize pools for these regions have mostly ranged from USD 30-50k, they will be competing for double the amount with the same commitment.”

Furthermore, Godz said that this is a necessary change in NA/SA and SEA regions. Well, I have to agree on that one. The lack of prize pools in these regions has become an issue. Low prize pools could demotivate players to go pro. As we know, people are starting to ditch Dota 2 for new games because of the rough competitive scene, and the pubs are broken by boosters and smurfs.

Dota Summit 13 will start its open qualifiers from October 17th for NA/SA and SEA, and October 31st for Europe and CIS. The sign-ups are now live for Europe/CIS, so don’t miss your chance to compete in the big tournament. Go win some cash and some trophy or just get a life (kidding).

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