If you are a 2D character SIMP, I have a list of the Genshin Impact best waifu from Mondstadt, which will make your day beautiful and peaceful with these beautiful girls around. The characters I am going to mention below are genuinely taken from my own opinions.

Moreover, I don’t see the waifu or character in this list article from its strength, but rather cuteness, beauty, and various other things that are very related to the figure of a girl or woman.

10+ Best Waifu in Genshin Impact | Mondstadt

10+ Best Waifu In Genshin Impact
10+ Best Waifu in Genshin Impact | Zerochan

So, if you think my choices are great or probably poor, yes you are very welcome to express your feelings in the comment column. Well gentlemen, what are you waiting for? Here are 2D waifu on Genshin Impact that SIMPs like especially me, LOL.

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1. Mona

Best Waifu in Genshin Impact, Mona
Mona | Jeikage

For your information, Mona is a character I like the most than all the other characters in Genshin Impact. Not only does she has a very cute face, but Mona is also a very strong waifu in battle. But sadly, she is so broke, gives your some Mora for her, please?

2. Eula

Eula | Zheid

All of you must have known Eula, Genshin Impact’s best waifu who is very liked by everyone. This itself can happen because Eula is a character who has a graceful and very feminine nature (maybe?). Not only that, but Eula is also very beautiful and has the ability to dance (It takes two to tango. Shall we?).

3. Fischl

Best Waifu in Genshin Impact, Fischl
Fischl | VSThemes.org

As we know, Fischl is a Genshin Impact best waifu who has Chuunibyou traits. Because of this, I really like this character. You see, I used to be a Chuunibyou too before, and it was such a great time. By the way, if you want to know why Fischl has Chuunibyou, I’m making the article about it too here.

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4. Diona


Diona | RizalPoix

Maybe you will think that I am Lolicon because I like Diona. However, I actually like her because she is very cute and she has a cheerful personality. What’s more, she is a cat or neko that a lot of people are sure to like (?).

5. Klee

Klee | Cyanite

Besides Diona, there is also another Loli from Mondstadt in this Genshin Impact game, namely Klee. You could say that this Genshin Impact best waifu is the same as Diona, always cheerful and often wandering in the forest. What’s more, Diona and Klee are friends who always play together.

6. Barbara

Barbara | SmediumL

We already know that Barbara is a Deaconess from Favonius Church that idolized by those around her. Barbara has a very cute nature when she is with Jean, her older sister. However, when alone, Barbara can behave like hum, how should I put this, professional?

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7. Jean

Jean | Causmics

It’s a secret, but Jean is a character who is always with Lisa and Barbara’s older sister. This character has a Dandelion scent which is very loved by SIMPERS on the internet. In addition, Jean is also a Grand Master in the Knight of Favonius and a proud citizen of Mondstadt.

8. Rosaria

Rosaria | Akashi’s Genshin Impact

I don’t know much about Rosaria. However, her cold figure gave me goosebumps, and at the same time felt happy. Am I a masochist? I don’t know, but Rosaria is indeed the best waifu Genshin Impact that you have to play in the game.

9. Venti

Best Waifu in Genshin Impact, Venti
Venti | ElJays

(TRAP ALERT) Venti, a poet who came with the wind of unknown origin. Venti also has an unknown gender. However, it doesn’t matter, because Venti is so CUTE! But I have to alert you because many Genshin Impact players will think you’re gay because like this character lol.

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10. Sucrose

Sucrose | reviee

As we know, Sucrose is a character who has a very cute nature. If you are a SIMP who likes 2D characters with cute traits, Sucrose is one of them. Not only that, but this character is also very suitable to be used as Support for DPS in Genshin Impact.

11. Lisa

Lisa | YouTube

Most of you already know that Lisa is a character that SIMPER likes very much because she has a nice body and also a good voice (Japanese version). Then, this best waifu in Genshin Impact also has ONEE-CHAN properties.

12. Noelle

Noelle | Khaedara Play

As we know, Noelle is a maid figure in Mondstadt. She has expertise in cleaning, cooking and such. Naturally, because she was a maid. Moreover, even though she’s a maid, it’s amazing that Noelle has great strength as a defender.

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13. Amber

Amber | Khaedara Play

Who doesn’t know Amber, since the first time you played Genshin Impact, you will definitely meet her during the first mission. The thing that makes Amber a waifu is probably because she is cute and cheerful. However, I don’t really like Amber, that’s why she’s number 13.

Those were the Genshin Impact best waifu that I liked. So, what do you think, is the waifu on this list very suitable for 2D SIMPs? In my opinion, this is the best! But for you? I don’t know. Maybe you will like them if you playing Genshin Impact.