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How to Get Carrot Seeds in Valheim

Besides getting plants from those that live in the wild, you can also obtain them by being a farmer in Valheim. You can get a Carrot by cultivating the plant in this game. But, you need to find the carrot seeds first before doing that. So, now I will present you a tutorial on how to get Carrot seeds in Valheim.

Do you think it is difficult to get the seed? If you think so, let’s look at the explanation below to confirm your curiosity.

What is Valheim Carrot Seeds?

It is an item used to grow carrots in Valheim. You need a cultivator to plant the seeds. Items can be stacked up to 100, so it will not fill out your inventory quickly.

How to Get Carrot Seeds in Valheim

The Black Forest biome is the only place you can find Carrot Seeds. Despite being named seed, you are not really looking for actual seeds. You will see the see from White flowers dropping the items. If you are not sure how it looks, you can see the image below.

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Carrot Seeds flower | Wowkia

The Black Forest biome is a habitat for monsters like Dwarves, Skeletons, and Trolls. Therefore, you need to prepare your armor, weapons, and food before going any further. At the very least, it will help if you have the Troll bronze-based armor and weapon set. Sometimes, you can find Valheim carrot seeds near burial chambers.

Usually, carrot seeds are planted deep in the forest. If you find a white flower in the Black Forest, come closer and hover your cursor. Then, its name will appear. Press the [E] key to loot it. Later, walk through it to put items in your inventory. It grows randomly and will also grow back over time after being taken.

Well, that’s how to get Carrot Seeds in Valheim. We will continue the guide about planting carrots in the next article. If you are looking for more Valheim Guides, stay tuned on Wowkia.

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