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How to Make Carrot Soup in Valheim

Previously, we have learned about how to make Queens Jam in Valheim. This time, we will talk about other kinds of dish that is simple to craft. This meal will be very useful for those of you who want to do a lot of work such as mining and chopping wood. So, let’s see how to make Carrot Soup in Valheim.

What is Valheim Carrot Soup?

Carrot Soup is one of the food that you can make in Valheim. This item will give you some effect like an increase in 20 max health points and 60 max stamina points. Then, you will get healing 2 hp/tick. It will last for 1500 seconds.


The recipe unlocks when you discover carrot by cultivating. You need the cauldron as the cooking station. Here are the required ingredients:

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How to Make Carrot Soup in Valheim

Time needed: 5 minutes

If you want to make carrot soup, I hope the steps below will be helpful for you to apply.

  1. The Material

    First, you need to gather the required material. As you can see in the Carrot Soup recipe, you need 3 Carrots and 1 mushroom. Put them in your inventory, so the cauldron will detect them.
    How To Make Carrot Soup In Valheim 2

  2. Use Cauldron

    Next, interact with the Cauldron to open the crafting menu. You can come closer to the structure and press the [E] key.
    Cauldron Crafting Menu Valheim

  3. Select Carrot Soup

    Then, select the Carrot Soup from the list. You can see the item information on the right side. Later, click the [Craft] button to start making it.
    How To Make Carrot Soup In Valheim 4

  4. Cooking Carrot Soup

    Last, you need to wait for the process. Once done, you will get a Carrot Soup. The items will be placed in your inventory.
    How To Make Carrot Soup In Valheim 5

Well, that’s how to make the carrot soup in Valheim. We will give other cooking tutorials in the next article. Don’t forget to comment below and revisit us for more Valheim Guides.

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