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How to Make Soul Campfire in Minecraft

Besides Campfire, there is also another version of this item, namely Soul Campfire, which has flames that are colored like Souls, namely light blue flames. By making this Soul Campfire in Minecraft, the place you live in will look much cooler than using the usual Campfire.

However, surely there are some of you who don’t know how to make Soul Campfire in this game made by Mojang. So, that’s why on this occasion, Wowkia will tell you how to make it easier.

Soul Campfire In Minecraft
Soul Campfire in Minecraft | Sportskeeda

Although it is easy, actually getting the ingredients to make Soul Campfire is quite difficult. You see, you need Soul Sand or Soul Soil as the main ingredient to make it. So, for those who want to get the main ingredient, you have to go to the Nether and look for the item.

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After getting the main ingredients of this Soul Campfire, we can now make it easier. More precisely, other materials you need are elementary to get, such as Sticks, Any Log or Stem, and other items. If you already understand, here’s how to make Soul Campfire.

Make Soul Campfire in Minecraft

To make Soul Campfire, you must first complete the instructions I have given above. After getting Soul Sand or Soul Soil, you need to return from the Nether and look for other items, as shown in the photo below.

Soul Campfire Recipe
Soul Campfire Recipe | Wowkia

Now that we’ve got all the ingredients you need to make Soul Campfire, we’re going to do it now. First, you have to make these materials in rows, as seen in the photo above. After that, then later, you will be able to make Soul Campfire in Minecraft easily.

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