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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Patch Notes Leaked

In its release on May 14, Mass Effect Legendary Edition reportedly requires players to download an 11GB patch on the first day. In this patch, players will also get the Mass Effect Legendary Edition installation. With a large amount of data that needs to be downloaded, many players think of BioWare as the developer of this game, adding some important additions to the patch.

However, the patch actually doesn’t add anything very important, even though it requires 11GB of data. Anyway, recently there was a leak showing a note for this patch. Actually, this is not a leak. Because at first, as the publisher of this game, Electronic Arts had issued the first-day spot for Mass Effect Legendary Edition earlier. However, in the patch, the team did not mention what the full patch did. So, you could say that additional details for this patch have been leaked.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition
Mass Effect Legendary Edition | Hybrid

In fact, the first day of spot notes for Mass Effect Legendary Edition itself is actually not too many. It only includes five items. Examples include “Improved performance,” “Improved stability and fixed crashes,” “Improved Ambient Occlusion (AO),” “Improved both visual and performance-related lighting,” and “Other content fixes.”

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If you look at it, this is just a very general patch. However, there are still many questions regarding this one. However, what is certain is that the first day of the patch notes for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition has been revealed. So, if there is more specific data regarding this matter, Wowkia will immediately let you know.

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