Captain Marvel 2 Actress Surprised by Her Screentime

While fans were just recently introduced to Oscar Isaac’s new hero Moon Knight thanks to his recent six-episode limited series, audiences are already nearly halfway through the introduction to another: Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan. Ms. Marvel has released two episodes so far, and both critics and audiences alike seem to be loving it.

It’s great how fans seem to be taking well to the new hero, especially given how prominent she will become in the MCU going forward. It’s even more impressive that the character was able to gain momentum after many fans got upset over the dramatic overhaul of Kamala’s powerset.

After her Disney+ series has ended, the character will then go on to play a role in the upcoming Captain Marvel sequel, The Marvels. But just how much time will the actress get on screen? It looks like it could be a good chunk, as her screentime even surprised the woman bringing Ms. Marvel to life.

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Iman Vellani Surprised at her Marvels Screentime

In an interview with Variety, Ms. Marvel actress revealed how she didn’t realize her role in The Marvels was going to be more than a cameo, while also discussing her time on the upcoming Brie Larson sequel.

Vellani revealed how she “had a hunch [that she] was going to be in it,” but was surprised when he learned how she’d be “an actual main character:”

With the movie being titled The Marvels and not having it put any specific emphasis on Captain Marvel herself, it seemed pretty clear from the onset that all three leading ladies were going to have plenty of screentime. As a result, the movie is likely to be as much Carol Danvers’ story as much as it is Kamala’s or Monica’s.

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Even with only two episodes out, it’s pretty obvious to say how Ms. Marvel has somehow already created anticipation for when Kamala finally meets her hero. The moment will undoubtedly pay off wonderfully—not to mention Vellani almost certainly would have channeled some of her own inner fangirl into her performance.

Ms. Marvel is now streaming, and The Marvels hits theaters on July 28, 2023.

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