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How to Destroy the Boomhut in Biomutant

As we know, there is a mission while the player is continuing the story called The Bang Boomhut in Biomutant. This mission is to destroy the bunker, which is practically impenetrable if you don’t use the right method.

Because of Boomhut, many players in this game got annoyed and started making complaints in community groups. Until finally, in this post, other players said how easy it was to destroy Boomhut.

Thanks to these comments, now Biomutant players finally know how to complete this mission easily. When viewed from the guide, you could say destroying Boomhut is a simple thing to do.

Destroying the Boomhut in Biomutant

Destroy The Boomhut In Biomutant
Destroy the Boomhut in Biomutant | Rock Paper Shotgun

To destroy it, players only need to hit the grenade fired by Boomhut. To get these grenades easily, you only need to stand up and be still. When the grenade appears right at the player, that’s a good time to hit the grenade it shoots at itself.

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Later, when the grenade is very close to the player, you have to press the melee button to cry the grenade. To destroy Boomhut, you only need to repeat this method and wait until the bunker is destroyed. Make sure you try to dodge if you think the grenade will miss your spot.

You could say that the grenade that Boomhut released at Biomutant was a powerful means of destruction. So, if you don’t want to fail in completing The Bang Boomhut’s mission, you should focus on the grenades. In addition, this method has actually been explained directly by the game developer, namely Experiment 101. So, if you don’t understand this explanation, reading this article is the right choice.

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