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Titanfall 2 Returns and Breaks the Peak Records on Steam!

Titanfall 2 Returns And Breaks The Peak Records On Steam!

Because Respawn Entertainment recently provided free access to the Titanfall 2 game on Steam, this game broke the record for most players, up to 27,547 players.

As we know, Titanfall 2 in Steam is currently experiencing a huge increase in the number of players. In fact, as too many players take part in , the game Titanfall 2 has broken the all-time peak record simultaneously.

This itself can happen because some time ago, Respawn Entertainment as the developer of this game, has provided free-access services to the game for 1 full week. Thanks to this promotion, Titanfall 2 has again received many players on PC, and even players from the first Titanfall game or Apex Legends.

Titanfall 2 Peaks

Additionally, according to Steamcharts, the Titanfall 2 game has seen a surge in players over the past few days. At the time of this promotion, the game had hit the all-time concurrent player peak at 27,547 players. Previously, in April, this game only managed to get an average of 4,000 players. With this record-breaking, Titanfall 2 got a 258% gain.

Titanfall 2 In Steam
Titanfall 2 in Steam | GameFever ID

The developer knows that this good thing will not last forever. They were worried that if Titanfall 2 in Steam returned to normal, the players would not buy the game. Because, basically, this game developer provides free access for one week because they want fans to try this game first before buying it. So, hopefully, the players who play this game for free access like Titanfall 2 would buy it immediately when the free period runs out.

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