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Top 10 Best Mobile Games in 2020

The end of 2020 is near, and 2021 is coming in a month, lads. The year 2020 has been rough, many crazy things happened, and some are still happening, like COVID-19. But it hasn’t been all that bad. We also witness the birth of some of the best mobile games.

With all this virus stuff going on, many people are stuck at home, bored. You can’t ease your mind because you can’t get something or go anywhere to enjoy life. Then, what do you do? You play games. The easiest way to access a game? Your smartphone, you have it with you for like 24 hours. So, here are the best mobile games in 2020.

Best Mobile Games: Competitive Game

League of Legends: Wild Rift

This one is for the MOBA junky. LoL: Wild Rift is the mobile version of the popular PC MOBA game League of Legends. Wild Rift offers you the LoL 5v5 MOBA experience on your phone. League of Legends has established itself as one of the most popular MOBA games.

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Riot utilized the popularity to launch the mobile, and popular it did. Wild Rift has been stealing the spotlight from other Mobile MOBA games. But, what makes Wild Rift different from the others? Well, Wild Rift runs smoothly, the graphics are super nice, and the gameplay perfectly encapsulates the PC MOBA.

Right now, Wild Rift already has a stable player base in SEA and East Asia. On December 10, Riot plans to expand the game service to the EU, CIS, and Oceania. Meanwhile, the US needs to wait until 2021 to play this game.

Black Desert Mobile

Like the PC version, the Black Desert Mobile is an MMORPG with stunning visuals and good gameplay. BDM combines the classic elements of an MMORPG with a massive amount of modern features, like full customization of your char and photo mode. Dare I say, BDM has the best graphics for a mobile game.

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Venture the incredible open-world map filled with various quests, beat world bosses and dungeons, and be the best in PvP mode!

Best Mobile Games: Indie Games


This one is a puzzle game. Inbento is a food-themed puzzle game where you have to arrange lunches into bento boxes. It’s far different from Maze Machina, this one is nice and fun, and the puzzle difficulty is just right. Furthermore, it features adorable cats, intensifying my uwus.

Sky: Children of Light

Finally, my favorite indie game. For me, Sky: Children of Light should be in the top 3 of the best mobile games in 2020. If I were to say a word about this game, it is heartwarming. The game is simply gorgeous.

This game has a very nice friendship aspect. There are no usernames, and you meet randoms and give them your own nicknames. This game needs teamwork a lot of times, too. You can also use emotes and interact with friends. Like holding their hands and hugging them. It also has an amazing ending.

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Best Mobile Games: Casual Games

Tom and Jerry: Chase

Ah, the nostalgia. I used to play Tom and Jerry in House Trap on my PS1. I feel this game is similar to that, but as it comes from NetEase, it uses the same format as Identity V (or Dead by Daylight). Basically, it’s a 1 vs. 4 survival game. The cat has to catch all 4 mice before the mice complete the objective.

This game is good, especially if you have a party to play with. It will definitely bring back your childhood.

KartRider Rush+

It’s the best casual racing game that came out from South Korea. Did it surpass the Mario Kart Tour? Definitely yes. Why? Well, first, I hate the gacha system. You are forced to gacha because you need a certain driver or kart for some stages. Second, Mario Kart Tour is kinda boring, it lacks a story mode, and somehow, it’s hard to play with friends in Mario Kart Tour.

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Then, KartRider Rush+ came and making the most out of Mario Kart’s weakness. Story mode? They have it. Dozen of karts and drivers? You got it (it has a gacha system, but at least you won’t be feeling punished for not doing it). Online multiplayer? Check. So, without a doubt, it’s better.

Best Mobile Games: The Breakthrough

Genshin Impact

I know y’all have been waiting for this. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s Genshin Impact. Gotta say, I really like the concept and gameplay of GI. The visuals are fresh, character designs all great. There’s only one downside that is gacha, but overall it’s a great game. Considering all those things and all the records that Genshin Impact has achieved, I think it’s safe to say that they made a breakthrough.


You might be asking while reading, “Hey, you say that you hate gacha games? Then, why is Arknight on this list?” Okay, to clarify myself, I think I’m getting used to gacha. There is a gacha system almost in every mobile game. BUT, I can tolerate it if it does have a good story, unique gameplay, a decent system, and of course, fair drop rates.

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Arknights is a tower defense game with a nice amount of waif- I mean, good story and gameplay. Seriously, it’s worth your try. The gacha won’t ruin your experience as having a high tier characters doesn’t lead you to a sure win. You need to strategize here. Moreover, the story is good, and it even has nice OSTs.


I guess calling Fancade a game would be misleading. It’s a platform for hundreds of games along with the tools to make and share countless more. It’s a game within a game, a gameception. All of these home-made games are spread across a simply structured campaign.

But, what if you’re a lazy mfs like me and you’re not satisfied only with the campaign mode? Well, you can access the Arcade and play other games created by a more diligent Fancade’s user.

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With an idea/concept like this, Fancade truly deserves the title breakthrough game.

The Gardens Between

The Gardens Between is a puzzle game with unique gameplay and features an emotional message behind it. To solve the puzzle, you need to use time manipulation. The story is satisfying and presented in a simple yet nice visual. For me, the game served its purpose as a puzzle game, I never get bored, and I wish for more and more. For a price of about 5 USD, this game is definitely worthy of a try.

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