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John Wick Director Thinks There Should Be An Oscar For Stunt Work

Stunt work in Hollywood contributes to the magic of the cinematic craft and by no means is a simple endeavor. While the growing demand for superhero and action-driven films rises, the more notoriety stunt work achieves.

As Hollywood becomes more adaptable and inclusive to all areas of film, other award ceremonies, such as the SAG awards are giving stunt work the proper credit while many many powerful voices in Hollywood such as Leonardo Dicaprio and Tom Cruise have voiced their support.

Now, John Wick’s creator / director, Chad Stahelski, has voiced his opinion on how much recognition stunt work should get in Hollywood.

Really Encouraging the Awards

In an interview with Discussing Film, Stahelski voiced his support for a stunt work Oscar. Stahelski explained that he thinks there is good reason to highlight stuntwork come Oscar season, but that most stunt people don’t do the job for the recognition. Stahelski’s full quote from his interview can be read below:

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“It makes sense on a logical nature that if nine other departments are awarded Oscars, that yes a legitimate full-blown department for stunts would be acknowledged or considered.

If there’s ten of you and nine of you are getting a treat, it makes sense that at least ten of you would get a treat too. I think that’s a very logistical comment… If wardrobe, hair, and makeup, certainly all the creative departments here are considered for Oscars, then yes, it makes perfect sense that the stunt department would be considered for an Oscar.

Now on a personal level, being a former stuntman, second unit director, and all that stuff – for all the generations that were either before me, trained me, or current now – I don’t know a single person in my 30 years of work that got into stunts to win an Oscar.”

Hmm interesting take. What are your counter thoughts about this?

What's your reaction?

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