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How To: Complete In The Mountains Quest, Open Dragonspine Domain The Peak of Vindagnyr

Good day dear bois and gurls, our beloved Wowkia readers. How is everyone doing in this winter holiday? I hope everyone and everything is alright. The year 2021 is here, but the virus is also still here and kicking. Anyway, we’re here for Genshin Impact, not some depressing shits. Let’s get on to how to complete the “In the Mountains” quest and Open the Peak of Vindagnyr domain!

This quest is not-so-hard, in my opinion. You just have to be patient and precise. To reach the top of Dragonspine, you have to destroy all 5 Ancient Rime Crystal first. Use 4 Scarlet Quartz enhanced attack to destroy them. Three crystals are found around the center of Dragonspine. Meanwhile, the rest are in the summit.

In The Mountains Quest
Highest Point in Dragonspine

In the Mountains Quest Step By Step

I’d recommend you to unlock the Statue of the Seven and all the Teleport Waypoint first. Read some Dragonspine exploring tips for even better preparation!

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30 minutes – 1 hour

First Crystal

In The Mountains Quest First Crystal

You can find the first crystal for In the Mountains quest right after crossing the bridge to Dragonspine. You will have to face a Ruin Grader first before you can melt the crystal, though. After the Ruin Grader goes down, search for Scarlet Quartz in the area, it’s not hard to find. The melted crystal later becomes the Frostbearing Tree.

Second Crystal

In The Mountains Quest Second Crystal

This one is a bit hard. First, you got to solve a riddle. Light up all the Cryo Beacons accordingly by following the Warm Seelie around the beacons. After that, you will have to take down a Ruin Grader in a harsher Sheer Cold condition. Once you’re done, the ice floor in the center will break. Go under, and you’ll find the crystal. There is only 3 Scarlet Quartz. To find the last one, guide a Warm Seelie to open the gate. The last Scarlet Quartz is there behind the gate.

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Third Crystal

In The Mountains Quest Third Crystal

For In the Mountains quest, you also have to take on a challenge. The third crystal is at the bottom of Starglow Cavern. A barrier protects the crystal. To break it, you have to clear the challenge. It’s about clearing 3 waves of Hilicurls and Abyss Mage in a minute. Pretty tricky because there are waters there, and the enemies have Cryo attacks. Dodge all the attacks to avoid getting frozen multiple times, and eat some buffs if it’s getting annoying.

The Scarlet Quartz can be found near the crystal. There are two behind the crystal, in a cave.

Fourth and Fifth Crystal

In The Mountains Quest Fourth And Fifth Crystal

The last step for In the Mountains quest. By breaking the 3 crystals before, the cold wind near the summit is subdued, and it’s time to climb up there. You can go from the Statue of the Seven.

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Once you’re there, you’ll find a broken pillar floating. All those crystals breaking you did were to fix this pillar, and the last 2 crystals are floating with the pillar. Make your way to the top, beat a Ruin Grader there, and find some Scarlet Quartz. If you don’t want to fly all over to the crystal to break it with your sword, you can always use your bow.

Finally, interact with the last 2 crystal cores, and you’ll be presented with a cutscene. Next thing you know, you can now go under and unlock the Dragonspine’s domain. There is also an Ancient Tablet nearby. Don’t forget to activate it to claim your 4-star free claymore.

Okay, that’s the In the Mountains quest completed for you. You can climb the pillar to reach the Dragonspine highest point. You can find a Crimson Agate there, and if by chance you have the Great Mountains Survey II quest active, the survey beacons spot are there, too.

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That’s all for now, and I wish you a great new year. Stay Awesome!


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