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How To: Find All The Dragonspine Ancient Tablets and Get The Treasure

Yo, I’m here again. Have you read the previous Dragonspine Hidden Treasure Guide? There, I mentioned that you will find an Ancient Tablet in the treasure room and that it will lead you to another treasure.

I called it the Dragonspine Ancient Tablet and there are 8 of them. Once you find and activate them all, you can access one of the greatest treasures in Dragonspine. It is the Snow-Tombed Starsilver, a 4-star claymore with epic stats and passives.

Dragonspine Ancient Tablet Treasure
Dragonspine Ancient Tablet Treasure, The Snow-Tombed Starsilver

Pretty darn good, right? To get this, we’ll have to embark on a long journey. You’ll have to beat some bosses, work some riddles, and find another treasure along the way. Let’s go!

Dragonspine Ancient Tablet

Ancient Tablet 1

This one is pretty simple. You only need to go to the peak of Starglow Cavern. You’ll see the tablet on the end of the path, a bit to the right. There is a riddle there and a Ruin Grader there. Actually, I don’t know whether completing the riddle and beating the Ruin Grader is a must or not. But, yeah, I beat him anyway, then I activate the tablet.

Ancient Tablet 2

The second Dragonspine Ancient Tablet is also at Starglow Cavern. To activate this one, you have to complete the Dragonspine Hidden Treasure Boxes first. There are 3 boxes total, Princess, Priest, and Scribe Box. Once you got them all, go to the treasure room near the peak of Starglow Cavern. The second tablet is in the room.

Ancient Tablet 3

As far as I remember, this one only requires you to go there and activate the tablet.

Ancient Tablet 4

For the fourth Dragonspine Ancient Tablet, teleport to the waypoint near the broken bridge. Then glide to the other side and follow the road. You’ll find a Ruin Grader and the tablet on your right. Beat the Ruin Grader first to activate the tablet since you can’t interact while in combat.

Ancient Tablet 5

This one takes a rather long time. First, you have to complete the World Quest “In the Mountains”. That quest requires you to complete several challenges and destroying the Ancient Rimes. This is for assembling the Peak of Vindagnyr and completing the quest. Thus, opening the way to the tablet and the Dragonspine Domain. I will explain the quest later in the next article.

Ancient Tablet 6

This one is a bit challenging. First, you have to solve a riddle. The riddle is about lighting the Cryo Beacon in a specific order. To know the order, just observe the Warming Seelie movement between the beacons. Once you solve it, you will fight a Ruin Grader in harsher Sheer Cold condition. You will get some heat sources, though. But, the heat sources will be moving around from one beacon to another. So, you got to plan your fight a bit. Then, after you beat the Ruin Grader, the ice in the arena’s center will melt and reveal an underground lair. The Dragonspine Ancient Tablet is in there.

Ancient Tablet 7

For the seventh tablet, go to the ruins near Starglow Cavern. Here, you’ll also have to solve a riddle. Basically, you’ll have lit up all the beacons by guiding the Warming Seelie. Once you’re done, the gate will be opened. Use the Scarlet Quartz to destroy the Ancient Rimes in the ruins. The tablet is there.

Ancient Tablet 8

For the last Dragonspine Ancient Tablet, proceed to the Treasure Chamber below the Dragonspine’s Statue of the Seven. The last tablet is in front of the chamber. Once you got all the tablets activated, open the chamber by using the device. Head inside, and lit up 4 torches in the chamber’s corner. Then, the Snow-Tombed Starsilver is yours.

That’s how you get the Dragonspine’s 4-star claymore. Next, I will tell you how to get the Dragonspine’s 4-star polearm and how to reach the peak of Vindagnyr, opening the domain, and completing the quest “In the Mountains”. So, stay tuned.

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