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How to Get Ancient Seed in Valheim

In Valheim, you have to survive in an unknown world. In this peculiar world, there are also other objectives that you must complete, such as defeating a boss monster. Before I go with sharing about the Elders Guide, you need an item called Ancient Seed. So, now I will explain how to get Ancient Seed in Valheim.

What is Valheim Ancient Seed?

It is the item that you can find in Valheim. You need the item to summon the second boss, an Elder, in this game. They resemble a seed, with green growths stemming into a mace-like formation.

How to Get Ancient Seed in Valheim

Greydwarf Nest Valheim
Greydwarf Nest | Wowkia

There are 3 sources to get this item from. All of them related to Greydwarf. Ancient Seed is dropped when you defeated the Greydwarf Brute and Shaman. You will discover those 2 creatures in the Black Forest biome. Also, you will get Ancient Seed if you destroy the Greydwarf nest.

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You need to prepare the weapon and armor before entering the black forest deeper. It would be best to have the bronze base item, like Bronze Atgeir, Bronze Buckler, and Bronze Spear. Bronze set armor will be good, but you can equip Troll Armor if you want to move faster.

Greydwarf Brute Valheim
Greydwarf Brute | Wowkia

The Black Forest Biome has a very dark atmosphere. At least you have to prepare a campfire near the nest or bring a torch. Be careful though, you should avoid runniing into trolls on the way.

On another occasion, you can also meet Greydwarf Brute and Shaman during “The Forest is Moving.” The Brute has a melee attack that does great damage, while the Shaman uses a ranged attack and sometimes causes a poison effect. We recommend that you defeat the Shaman first because he has the ability to heal.

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Greydwarf Shaman Valheim
Greydwarf Shaman | Wowkia

After you defeat them, the Valheim Ancient Seed will drop. You can pick it up by pressing the [E] key. This item will be placed in your inventory.

Well, that’s how to get Ancient Seed in Valheim. If you need more Valheim Guides, you can comment below and revisit us.

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