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Is John Wick Franchise Actually Exist in Video Game World?

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I will straightly call you a big fat liar if you said to my face, that you never enjoying John Wick franchises for one bit. Because yeah it is just DAMN impossible man.

The Keanu Reeves’s full macho action flick is just freakin’ awesome. The drama, the action, the little fantasy elements of it, it all just DAMN perfect. So no wonder if the flick becoming one of the best trilogy franchises ever.

Speaking of the fantasy elements, a couple months ago, one of the Reddit user claimed that the entire John Wick trilogy is actually existed in a video game world. WHAT? REALLY? YOU KIDDING ME?

The Theory Evidence

The user of course not just spat it out without any supporting evidence. In fact, he got not one, not two, but five, yep, FIVE evidences to prove that the entire John Wick flick is nothing more than to exist in the gaming world.

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First, when he fights more than 1 baddies, the baddies just fall down endlessly one by one and interestingly, all of them when they fall down, the way the fall are without showing their faces (except final bosses in which his face shown clearly).

Second, when Wick fights those baddies, they aren’t any dialogue, pep talk or any kind of those. In other words, it all Radio dead silent. Third, everytime Wick got hurt, he seems healed-up by itself as the scenes went by. It is almost like he got a “healing pack” inside his pocket.

More Evidence

Third, the famous gold coin according to the user, is actually the currency of the movie’s universe.

Fourth, everytime we see a fight / shootout (especially the one that happening among the crowd), if you really notice it, the crowds seems not aware a bit with the fight. They’re mostly just stand / walk without noticing that in fact their lives are indeed in danger (just like an NPC).

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And last but not least, the theory said that Wick’s headquarter, The Continental, is actually a Save Point. Although at first these theories and evidences look DAMN silly, but when you re-watching the movie and tie-in with these evidence, it indeed quite make sense.

But again that’s my take, how’s yours?