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Final Fantasy VII Remake: Tifa’s Breasts Are Not Shrunk

tifa breast not shrunk

Fans and media had reacted to a translated interview of Tetsuya Nomura about Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Tifa with conflicting interpretations. In the interview, Tetsuya Nomura said that Square Enix wants to “restrict” or “constrict” Tifa’s chest. But in the full interview, the editor’s note stated that “the context and wording indicted clearly that this refers to the tightness and design of Tifa’s clothing, not to her chest size.”

tifa breast size shrunk

Previously, many media interpreted “restrict” as “shrink,” including us in this post. As pointed out by game producer and well-known Monster Hunter YouTuber Gaijinhunter, that is not the case. Actually, in Japanese, “restrict” means “bind” or “squeeze” instead of “shrink.”

Concisely, Tifa will get proper clothing, not smaller chest. Indeed, it makes sense for Tifa to wear a high-impact sports bra, as her role in the game is full of physical stunts. It’s obvious that she still appears to have large breasts even while wearing a constricting sports bra. However, it still a realistic body proportion.

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