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How to Solve Rotation Puzzles in Biomutant

As you know, usually rotation puzzles can be found in any game, one of which is Biomutant. This game made by Experiment 101 has tons of puzzles that you can solve using your brain and patient.

However, to solve it yourself is quite difficult because the players must have patience and fluent thinking. So, in order to avoid a hard time, Wowkia will share how to solve the puzzle.

Solving Rotation Puzzles in Biomutant

As an example, we’ll be using a fairly easy rotation puzzle here. As you can see in the video above, you need to rotate the nodes so that their colors look the same. However, you only have 10 steps to be able to rotate each node. So it is for this reason that this puzzle has become difficult for some people.

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However, if you continue to play this game, surely you will get used to it and find it easy to do. So, in essence, to do the rotation puzzle, you only need to match each node’s color.

Indeed, these puzzles seem random and difficult to solve. However, you really only need to match the colors and the paths. If you have done this, the puzzle will be solved later.

Biomutant | IGN

Apart from that, the rotation puzzles in the Biomutant game are mostly very similar to the ones above. So, don’t worry if you think this guide is only for one puzzle. What’s more, maybe this rotation puzzle also affects other puzzles in this Biomutant game. So, that’s why it’s best to learn this puzzle until you become proficient.

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